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Once upon a time, I had an almost brilliant idea. Even though I couldn’t afford to record and produce an audiobook, I did have a microphone, screen capture device, and YouTube page, and I thought I should record myself reading a book while giving the reader an opportunity to follow along with me. And because I could post it on YouTube, I could also dress it up with intro graphics and a short musical clip that I once used in a computer game.

So, that’s what I did. And because it’s one of my shorter works, I thought Amusement was the perfect testing ground for what I’d call “The Audiovisual Experience.”

I posted the videos in late September 2019. As of February 2021, the first episode (of actual content, not including the introduction or copyright information) has 14 views.

So, they aren’t popular. But I also don’t promote or market them, so maybe they’re not easy to find.

Well, now they can be! Just click on the video carousel below to watch them at your leisure. Or, you can head over to my YouTube channel and watch the playlist (accessible through the same video carousel). The choice is yours!

Oh, or you can just read the text version of the story by clicking back on the table of contents link at the top or bottom of this page if you’d rather read at your own speed. (That’s how I usually do it, but who am I to take away your option to listen?)

Regardless how you enjoy the story, please leave a review for Amusement at your preferred retailer when you’re finished. The “Finish Story” button will lead you in the right direction.

P.S. I know the copyright stuff is boring as heck, so if you’d prefer to skip that part, I understand. Just make sure you’re familiar with the disclaimers on the copyright page (the one you were on before reaching this page) before proceeding to Part 1. Thanks.