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Analyzing a Story with Claude AI

Two years ago, in my article “The Pros and Cons (and Ethics) of Using AI Content Tools for Writing,” I opined on the future of generative AI for writers and discussed how writers might use it ethically, if they should use it at all. At the time, tools like Jasper AI...

Get Ready for NaNoWriMo 2023

This one’s for all the writers out there. You know that event that comes around every November that gets a writer on pins and needles? No, I’m not talking about Black Friday, though I concede its massive discounts on writing tools and services are really nice and...

Postmortem: The Hybrid City Entrepreneur

Starting a new story with the intention of selling it on Amazon or the other platforms comes with risk.

Have You Heard My Latest Experiment?

So, if you’ve read my last reposted newsletter article, “What’s Stranger than Nonfiction?,” you’ll remember that I talked about the oddity of loving a show or story that belongs to a genre we normally hate, and how, like choosing a partner from outside our usual...