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A heart-adorned cassette tape.

By Jeremy Bursey

Jeremy Bursey writes short stories, essays, poems, novels, and screenplays. He appreciates feedback for anything he offers to the public. He also takes too many pictures of cats and the ocean.

March 9, 2022

I Made a Mix Tape for You (Part 2)

Note: The content of this article was originally written for my newsletter subscribers on December 14, 2020. If you want to read these articles while they’re still fresh, please subscribe to my newsletter today. You can find the signup link in the side panel (desktop) or at the bottom of this page (mobile).

Hi Reader Friend,

Well, it’s been a week since I welcomed you to my newsletter portal. Have you enjoyed your stay so far?

In the event that you have, I’d like to share some more content from my blog and YouTube channel that I’d hate for you to miss. These are some of my hidden favorites that somehow slipped past the Google sensors. It has a heavy focus on writing and authorship, but maybe you’ll find some life lesson in there, too.

Once again, let me know which ones are your favorites.

From Drinking Café Latte at 1pm:

“The Writing Workflow for Plotters, Pantsers, and Whomever Sits Between Them”

-This is my current ideal method for writing and revising novels in 2020. Has a video tie-in.

“The Art of Hyphenation”

-One of my earlier favorites, this teaches you how to hyphenate for publication using Microsoft Word, a program notorious for sucking at hyphenation.

“Using Scrivener for NaNoWriMo 2020”

-A recent article showing off my Scrivener template for NaNoWriMo. Comes with a link to my secret Scrivener template stash, which also contains one additional, hyper-mega story planning template. Has a video tie-in.

“Fun with Cover Design Using [Several PhotoShop Alternatives]…”

-Title abbreviated for ease of use. Shows my early attempt to revise my e-book cover for Lightstorm, using graphics programs that are not PhotoShop. Note that this was before I discovered Affinity Photo, which is now my go-to for all graphics.

“The Audiovisual Book Experience, An Experiment”

-That one time I thought recording my entire short story “Amusement” for YouTube was a good idea. Has video tie-in.

From my YouTube channel:

The Writer’s Bookshelf

-These videos have blog counterparts, but the good meat is on these bones. This series earned me a free book from one of the featured authors, by the way. Season Two starts in late March 2021.

The Writing Workflow Series

-Two videos showing the writing workflow and the revision workflow. You’ll get a sneak peek behind the scenes into the development of The Computer Nerd: Rebooted Edition here.

Next week, I’ll send you my final selections from this introductory series. This will feature my top series articles and videos.

Until next time…


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