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A heartfelt mix tape cassette.

By Jeremy Bursey

Jeremy Bursey writes short stories, essays, poems, novels, and screenplays. He appreciates feedback for anything he offers to the public. He also takes too many pictures of cats and the ocean.

March 16, 2022

I Made a Mix Tape for You (Part 3)

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Hi Reader Friend,

So, we meet again.

If you’re reading this message, then I know you’ve enjoyed my previous content series entries. So glad you did!

But now I have good news and bad news.

The bad news is that this is the final series from my archive of favorites. I know, if only I had more…

But the good news is that all of my articles are still live at Drinking Café Latte at 1pm, even as I type this (and as you read this), and my videos are live at my YouTube channel! So you can catch up all you want.

And I’ll also be sending an end-of-the-month round up of all the latest content beginning this month. So, you’ll have that to look forward to, as well.

And, well, you’ll also get my newsletters whenever I have something interesting to tell you, so there’s that. Not sure how often that’ll be.

But anyway, you know the drill. Let me know which of these article sets are your favorites. This one make take a while. Also, in the video section, we have computer games!

From Drinking Café Latte at 1pm:

The Humorous “Pros and Cons” Series

-Five articles that butcher the concept of pros and cons. Includes my top-viewed article on the entire Drinking Café Latte at 1pm site, the one about the hoverboards. Lightning in a bottle, that one.

The “Why It’s Okay to Write for Fun” Series

-One of my favorite article series, this eight-parter highlights the reasons why writing for fun is perfectly fine (as opposed to writing for money or an audience), if that’s what you want.

From my YouTube channel:

Using Scrivener for Game Design

-Has a blog counterpart. Offers some ideas on how to use Scrivener while designing a game.

“Double Header: Travellers Rest Gameplay + Entrepreneur: The Beginning”

-I also sometimes play games on my channel. I also make games. In this video, you get to see me play a published game, and then you get to see me play my own unpublished game.

That’s it for now. But we’ll be talking again soon. Thanks for reading.

Until next time…


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