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Postmortem: The Hybrid City Entrepreneur

Starting a new story with the intention of selling it on Amazon or the other platforms comes with risk.

Have You Heard My Latest Experiment?

So, if you’ve read my last reposted newsletter article, “What’s Stranger than Nonfiction?,” you’ll remember that I talked about the oddity of loving a show or story that belongs to a genre we normally hate, and how, like choosing a partner from outside our usual...

What’s Stranger than Nonfiction?

Do you have a favorite movie, TV, or reading genre? A least favorite? Do you even pay attention to genre? Even though I enjoy a solid thriller, I’m no fan of horror stories. By nature, they end on a down note, usually arriving at their conclusions by way of high body...

Beach Reading Adventures

Depending on where you live, if you’ve stuck your head out a window in the last few weeks, you may have noticed that the weather has gotten considerably hotter since I last wrote to you (and stormy, if you live anywhere near me). And, unless you live in a windowless...
The Paperweight Story

The Paperweight Story

Note: The content of this article was originally written for my newsletter subscribers on March 23, 2022. If you want...