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All Books Roadmap

Want to know what’s coming up the pike or getting a new, splashy update? Worried that your most anticipated book is in development hell? Check out the roadmap below for a quick synopsis of my current workflow.



These are the books I’m working on, as well as their place in the production or conceptualization process. Books marked “updating / patching” have already been released, but I’ve decided they need a fix or improvement, so the current version may not stay current forever. If you have a book you can’t wait to read, please rate it up so I know there’s an interest in it.

Please note that I have many ideas and unfinished works already in motion, and this list may not represent every title that I’ve developed an idea or existing content for. Rather, it focuses on those that have my focus in the short term. That said, keep an eye on the “Future,” “Considering,” and “Shelved” columns, as I’ll gradually add my delayed or discontinued projects to these lists to see which ones you all are most interested in me restarting or continuing. The higher rated items will move into the “In Progress” column faster, and anything I’ve shelved that gets a lot of votes will have a greater chance of coming off the shelf.

Also note that “In Progress” represents the single book that I’m putting the most attention to at the moment, and that “Up Next” represents which titles I will most likely focus on next. Again, upvoting an “Up Next” title shows me which ones in that column you would most like me to work on next. Just because a book is not listed in the “In Progress” section does not mean I’m not working on it. It just means that it isn’t the lead focus.

To get a sense of how far I am on any project, first look at the category (ex: Conceptualizing, Drafting, Revising, etc.), then look at the progress bars in the features sections. For those books that have their own report grids, you should be able to click on a connecting link to see exactly where I am on that book’s development timeline if you’re itching for information.

Hope that clarifies how to follow along my book progress.

Thanks and get those upvoting fingers and mouse-clicks ready.


Posted: February 14, 2021

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