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Every book can be improved. These previously released titles are getting that opportunity.

Have you ever worked on a project that gave you a happy ending but ultimately left you wondering if you could’ve done it better? Well, I feel that way about some of my books, especially after those early reviews, and every once in a while I get the urge to remake them into something even better. This page is a testament to that. Find out which books are getting updates by checking out the list below, and click on their respective “roadmap” button to view their progress.

Note: Each book has an update priority level assigned. Click the button below for an explanation on what these numbers mean.

Priority Levels

Although it’s definitely not a best practice, I do have the habit of working on multiple books at once, with one having top priority while others fill in the spaces around it as ocean water fills a hole during sandcastle production. The following key represents how I prioritize book production.

  • Level 1: The story that has my immediate focus. While there’s no guarantee this book will remain at this level forever, my best intention is to finish and release this one next.
  • Level 2: A story that hovers in the foreground of my attention. I work on it whenever I need a break from the Level 1 book, and I’ll often devote sizeable chunks of time to its production before returning to the book with the higher priority.
  • Level 3: A story that has a finished first draft, but its revision requires a certain level of thought, effort, or additional research that I’m not ready to devote to it yet.
  • Level 4: A story spawned from a fresh idea that needs my attention right away. This book will typically get a complete first act, and maybe even part of a second, before I lose momentum and tell myself I know the story well enough now that I can return to my higher priority books and finish this one at a more convenient time.
  • Level 5: A story that already has significant progress, and I know where it’s going, but finishing other books is more important to me at the moment.
  • Level 6: A story or update I’ve already started working on, but I still don’t know where it’s going or how to get there, so I’ve got it on the shelf at the moment. This story will usually have a working outline to help me get it on track.
  • Level 7: A story or update I’ve already started working on, but I don’t sense any demand for it at the moment, so I pick at it only when I’ve got nothing else to do or just don’t want to work on the other books in production.
  • Level 8: A story or update that’s still in the idea or concept phase but has no fresh content yet. It may have an outline, though.
  • Level 9: A story or update that’s just an idea. I’ve made no progress toward its creation, and I don’t know when I’ll start.

To be clear, the difference between a story and an update relates to its status as a published work. “Story” refers to any book that has not yet been published, either as an e-book or part of a previous collection of works. “Update” refers to a book that has been published digitally or in print as a short story or novella but needs new content to fix its existing problems or expand its character or plot line, sometimes altering it drastically enough to require a new title.

When Cellphones

Make Us Crazy

a novella


Obsession and cellphones make for a happy couple. A happy, infuriating couple.

At some point, we all find ourselves gripped by obsession. What do we do when it hits? Do we resist it? Follow through? When Avery Ward meets his dream girl at a frat party, obsession grabs him between the legs and pulls him along for a lengthy, tumultuous ride, and he must restore balance before obsession ruins him and the lives of those around him.

Note: This description refers to the 2017 theme-centered novella. The updated story, which may become a novel by the time it’s finished, will likely have a new central story force behind it, rendering this description (mostly) obsolete.

Current Progress: Much of the first act has been rewritten with new content. The existing story will fill most of the second act, leaving me with a new third act to write.

Priority Level: 5

Expected Completion (Status Updated December 2022): Given my production pace in conjunction with the demands on my time in other arenas lately, this update may be ready in 2023 at the earliest, but Summer 2024 is more likely. Once ready, the update will release with a new title, Avery Ward Was Here. Be sure to check out the roadmap for more granular updates.


a novella


A man and his wife are about to share a life-altering secret on national television . . . if they aren’t careful. 

Two rival photographers searching for harmony while tempting the raw powers of nature and action engage in a game of photographic mayhem on the ice fields of Greenland to resolve a bet over who can produce the better calendar. But will their egos permit them to declare a winner? Or will the secret they discover along the way alter the course of their lives instead?

Note: The current version will remain unchanged. The update will add two acts after the existing content, upgrading the story to a novel.

Current Progress: I’ve written most of the outline for the updated content. I just need to work out a few narrative kinks before I start drafting the chapters.

Priority Level: 8

Expected Completion (Status Updated December 2022): I’ve got other projects ahead of it that I think are more important to get out of my head and onto paper, but because most of the outline is finished and I basically know what I want from this update, I expect it to jump the line to Priority Level 3 or 2 sometime in 2023, with a potential release in 2024. Once I do resume work on it, I’ll likely change the title to Night at the Icehole to differentiate it from the current novella. Be sure to check out the roadmap for more granular updates.

The Fountain

of Truth

three Christmas fables


Christmas is a joyous time of year, full of festivities and storytelling, and what better time is there to tell a good fable than Christmas? That’s right, none! So find your favorite chair, gather the kiddies on the floor, and download “The Fountain of Truth” today. It has three stories in one! These fables cover themes about truth, wisdom, and purpose. In a fun way, not a “fun” way.

Note: This book is both readable and complete in its current form, but I’m rethreading the short stories in with a central storyline called The McCray Parables that will span at least five books moving forward. So, it’s fine to read it now if you just want the three short stories, but after it goes through the triage, it will contain a new story that uses the existing stories as “parables” to shape its direction, as well as connect directly to my next collection of Christmas short stories, Snow in Miami.

Current Progress: The McCray Parables update is finished and needs beta readers. I also need to check for continuity errors.​

Priority Level: 2

Expected Completion (Status Updated February 2024): I’ve had a completed first draft since 2021, but because this is a seasonal work, I’ve notoriously prioritized other books during non-holiday seasons, pushing it (and its sequel, Snow in Miami) back. That said, unless something blows up between now and then, I’ve got a pretty good lock on November 6, 2024, as my official release date. Be sure to check out the roadmap for more granular updates as they become relevant. Also note that I’ll be moving this to the “Coming Soon” section once I’ve finished my general website optimization updates.

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