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The rundown on my books’ availability status.

If you’d like to see what’s available now, coming soon, what’s getting an update, or what I’ve moved to the archives (meaning I no longer promote it), or if you just want to see what’s hot this month (a.k.a. the book getting the most sales) and what I’d like to become hot, you can check out these sections by clicking on the related button below.

Note: Every book featured in these sections has its own product page where you can fully explore its content and genre information, synopsis, keywords, publication information, revision history, chapter samples, and links to the stores that carry them. Eligible shops are accessed through a Universal Book Link, which redirects you to your preferred shop’s regional equivalent. Also note that dedicated button links to Amazon may contain affiliate codes that will help me earn a commission on anything else you might buy from Amazon that day. Learn more about Amazon’s Associates Program for information on how this works.

Some books may appear on more than one list. For example, Gutter Child is at its heart a coming-of-age novella with comedic elements (hence its appearance on the Coming-of-Age list), but it also contains a central mystery that drives its plot (hence its appearance on the Mysteries & Thrillers list). Please be sure to read the full description of a book and sample at least the first chapter before you buy it to make sure it’s actually what you want.

Please also note that if you read any of my books, I’d greatly appreciate a review. Reviews are vital to an author’s ability to develop a career, and without them, he sinks. And if the author sinks, then he has to go back to waiting tables for ten hours a day, and if you know anything about waiting tables ten hours a day, then you’ll know that the last thing anyone wants to do when he or she gets home is to spend another couple of hours writing a book. Have I done it? Sure. Is that book out yet? No. When did I work on it? 2005. If you want to read that book someday (a comedic Miami-based thriller about panhandlers and the government), then the best way to hasten its arrival is to help me build a sustainable writing career, and the best way to do that is to leave a review for the ones you’ve already read, and maybe spread the word about the great book you read that happens to have my name on it.

Thanks for giving these a try!


Katniss waiting on a table (2019 photo, treated).