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Book Media Gallery

Books are art, but so are their promotional materials. Welcome to the gallery.

Want to see how crappy some of my books’ earliest covers looked? What about those cheesy book trailers that try to convince you to buy? How about book ad images that may or may not be genre appropriate?

This page features all the media I’ve created over the years to get readers’ attention or interest in my books, and the evolution each book has taken to go from ignorable to pretty cool. This includes each cover I either used or intended to use, for better or for worse, videos I may have released for a more emotional impact (we call them “book trailers”), or even sound bites that add more personality to the content.

If it’s media and book-relevant, then it’ll be here.

Note: Books are listed in release order. You can scroll through the library to find what you’re looking for, but if you’re having trouble, you can target a book specifically by pressing the “Book Media Gallery” button on its respective product page and it’ll zoom you right there.

Gutter Child

a novella


Image Media Gallery

This section shows off this book’s image gallery, including past and present book covers, promotional art, and any other graphic related to marketing or fanfare.

My cat Katniss sitting in a cardboard box

Lake Worth Beach (March 2019, Treated).