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Exclusive Coupons

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Interested in one of my books, but don’t want to pay full price? Then check out one of the coupon codes below as a thank you for visiting my blog. Any contest, giveaway, or creative thing I implement will also be listed here whenever it becomes relevant, so check back often. 

Note that promotional coupons are divided into two parts: Discounts and Free. 

The discounts section is for general readers who just want to enjoy a good book at a lower than average price. 

The free section is for reviewers only (unless otherwise noted). 

Some discounts will actually result in free, but please respect the difference in categories. I want to give readers the best deals possible as a thank you for reading, but I also want some compensation for my years of hard work. If you intend to review my work, I don’t intend for you to pay for your copy. If you just want to read for enjoyment, please choose a coupon code from the “Discounts” section. Or pay full price if you’re feeling generous. 

Please note the locations where the codes are valid. Almost all of them will be from Smashwords. This is not to make your life harder: 

  • I do not have access to coupon codes for Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, or any other major retailer as far as I know, so I apologize if you’re a reader from one of these locations. If that ever changes, I’ll update this section accordingly.
  • I definitely don’t have discounts for Amazon. I mean, come on. It’s Amazon. I can’t even set my prices to free without implementing some fancy strategy hack. If you’re exclusive to Amazon, then you’ll be exclusive to paying for my books.
  • I may, however, be able to hook you up at Google Play Books if you have a Gmail account. Possibly.

That all said, I am a generous person who understands financial hardship quite well, and if you’re the kind of reader who really wants a good book and really can’t afford to buy one for whatever reason, then go ahead and use the free coupons over the discounted ones. You know your situation, and I’m not going to challenge your integrity over a few dollars. All I ask is that you pay if you can.


Again, this section is for general readers. Click on the link to your preferred book or retailer and use the code at checkout to receive your discount. 

(ebook discounts)

Note: This is where e-book discounts will be listed.

Free for Reviewers:

This section is for free copies of selected books. Please use these codes if you’re a reviewer, and use them only if you plan to review my book(s). Unless otherwise noted, all codes are for e-books only, and for use on the Smashwords site only. 

For convenience, here’s a link to my Goodreads page if you wish to leave a review there (encouraged!). 

I also appreciate reviews left on individual store pages. 

If you review my book(s) on your blog, please use this site’s contact form to send me a link to the review, and I’ll link back to it on my books page. Thanks. 

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