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Thank you for checking out my policies and promotions section. For easier reading, I’ve split this section into separate pages. Just click on the menu tab for the item you’d like more information about, and it will take you to that item’s specific content.

Please note that I enjoy boring reading as much as you do, so I’ve done my best to keep the text from being too dry. That said, I’d appreciate you reading through this section before you start sending me requests or hate mail, so that we can both minimize the need for getting wrapped up in complicated issues that this section otherwise simplifies. Thank you.

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Section Overview:

Promotions: Find out which books or other media I’m pushing this week and how to get your hands on it!

Exclusive Coupons: Because you’ve bothered to visit my page, I’ll bother to offer you special discounts on those items I can discount, when I can discount them. This will tell you which books or products are available at discount (or free).

My Author Policies: Want to know how I make my authorial decisions? This will illuminate you.

Site Policies: Every website has to meet certain legal quotas about privacy and data to comply with certain governmental protocols that love looking for new ways to complicate everyone’s life and waste his or her time, even though the Internet is almost 30 years old and everyone who uses it knows how it works by now. This gives you the sarcastic version of how this site complies with those rules. It also links you to the actual legally compliant pages that every site has to have to comply with these privacy laws. Yes, I should probably be using my creative license toward writing books, not sarcastic privacy policies, when professionally worded policies are out there and available for use. I just hate infringement on common sense. But either way, this section will let you know how this site uses data per the requirements of the faceless people who make decisions for us.

About My Newsletter: Most of my relevant information and updates can be found in my books, on this website, and on my sister blog, Drinking Café Latte at 1pm. But I also have a newsletter as an additional avenue for keeping in touch, and those who subscribe can get special bonuses that they can’t get anywhere else. This will tell you more about what you can expect (and not expect) if and when you sign up.

About Push Notifications: Not everyone who wants the latest news wants to find out about it through email. Push notifications act as the happy medium for delivering you that news without asking you for personal information. This will outline how it works.

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